We are pleased to offer the genuine "Cubita" coffee. Grown high in the mountains of the Oriente province at the eastern end of Cuba, Cubita is made from high quality Arabica beans.
The beans are dried in the sun and slowly roasted to produce a rich, satifying coffee. Cubita is available ground or in beans in a variety of sizes. We carry the Dark Roast Torrefacto (gourmet roast) style of Cubita.
Torrefacto is roasted with sugar to produce a glossy finish to the bean and add flavour. If you have ever visited Cuba and fell in love with the espresso, chances are it was made with Torrefacto.
Today Cafe Cubita offers the opportunity to savor a coffee with the precise and ideal dryness, roast and ground that reminds us of the delicious and aromatic taste of Cuba.
This coffee is very smooth with a strong earthy tones with a hint of smokiness and a rich caramel finish. it is the most popular brand of coffee in Cuba.  It is a dark roast coffee but without any bitterness.

Available in ground (230gr. - 460gr. -1000gr.) and bean (230gr. - 1000gr.)