In the late 1890's Frederic Blatter owned and operated a pipe factory in London, England, home of some of the great pipemakers and smokers of the time. After a fire destroyed the Blatter pipe factory, the family made a decision to move to Cape Town, South Africa with the prestigious mandate to make pipes for certain French Generals. After opening a factory and several retail stores in the cities of Cape Town and Durban, the family was once again on the move. This time Montreal, Canada.
         Ernest Blatter and family moved from South Africa to Montreal in 1907. Once again the brothers opened a pipemaking factory on St-Hubert street and a retail store at 190 St. Catherine street West. Cigars and pipes were very popular in the 1930's and the Blatters operated five stores. The St. Catherine street location operated for sixty three years until  it moved to 365 President Kennedy avenue, in 1970.   Mr. Peter Blatter began working with his father, Henri-Georges, in 1964.   Mr. Henri-Georges Blatter passed away in 1967. Mr. Robert Blatter,  Peter's brother,  joined the firm in 1968 and took over the pipemaking duties.
         Today, the family business specializes in the finest briar pipes, which are all handmade on the premises, and the finest quality cigars from Cuba and around the world. In 1982 Pierre and Robert Blatter were inducted in the prestigious "Confrérie des Maîtres-Pipiers de Saint-Claude".   After major renovations to their store, they have recreated that much sought after ambiance of their original location.

         In the summer of 2000,  Patrick,  son of Pierre Blatter joins the familly business and slowly learns the carefull art of pipmaking under the watchful eye of his uncle Robert.   In 2013, Patrick is invited to Saint-Claude and finally is honored and inducted,  just like his father and Uncle, into the prestigious Confrérie des Maîtres-Pipiers de Saint-Claude !

         Trends come and trends go, but pipesmokers and cigar lovers are what have made Blatter and Blatter a real family store. The friendly atmosphere and world class knowledge of tobacco and all its related products is what has given Blatter and Blatter it's excellent reputation and loyal following of clients from around the world.

         Welcome to Blatter and Blatter

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Blatter & Blatter Inc.

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H3A 0B3

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