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The Anti-tobacco section of the government of Quebec forbids us to list any descriptions of our house blend tobaccos. For information 514-845-8028

Le gouvernement du Québec nous interdits de vous donner la descriptions des tabacs
  maisons. Pour informations: 514-845-8028 

Marques / Brands

Arôme de la nuit,   Blatter 1907, Blatter 1981, Brandy,  Burley, Caribe Rum, Café, Cerise Noire, Cappuccino,  Chocolat, Concerto, Exécutif,  Virginie, London,  Navigateur, Mélange danois,   St-Hilaire,  Vanille et Érable, Tranches Danoises


Anglais léger, Blatter Réserve, Cavendish hollandais,  Sherlock, Escudo,  Latakié, Périque.


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Mild and aromatics:


Arôme de la nuit

Black Cavendish, aromatic and very mild, vanilla flavor.  This tobacco is often used in a blend to add sweetness and aroma. 

Blatter 1907

A mild mixture of light Virginia and “Birdseye” Burley.  Lightly aromatic, very mild.  For beginners and smokers that like mild non-biting tobacco and cool smoking blends. 

Blatter 1981

A mixture of dark Cavendish and dark Burley.  Mild, slightly aromatic, just a little sweet and  fruity. 


This is all Burley.  For someone looking for something else then Cavendish.  Mild and lightly aromatic.  Burley is a light tobacco that is naturally sweet.   This blend burns evenly and does not bite. 


A blend of blond Virginia and black Cavendish.  Mild, aromatic and coffee flavored. 

Caribe Rum

A mixture of brown cavendish and burley,  mild and aromatic.  Flavored with Rum. 

Cerise Noire (Black cherry)

A black cherry flavored blend.  A mixture of black Cavendish and Virginia.  Mild and smooth.  Aromatic and lightly sweet. 


All black Cavendish with a sweet aroma.  Very mild.  Can be mixed with a pure Cavendish or pure Virginia.  This tobacco is slow burning and releases a pleasant aroma.  


A mixture of  “Golden Cavendish” and brown Burley.  Mild, with a slight vanilla flavor.  


Our most popular blend.  A blend of : roasted black  Cavendish  and light Virginia.  Mild, aromatic and sweet. Well known for its chocolate aroma. 


A mixture of black Cavendish, brown Cavendish and golden Virginia.  Raspberry flavored.  For lovers of aromatic tobaccos. 

Framboises: (Strawberry): A mild mixture of sweet Cavendish and Virginia with added Strawberry flavor. Mild. 


This is a unique blend of a mild aromatic tobacco with a hint of English flavor.  A little Latakia makes this blend very flavorful.  Mild and slow burning. 

Melange Danois

The natural Cherry Flavour enhances this mild Cavendish blend. Mild and mellow and aromatic. 


An exquisite mixture of black Cavendish and brown Cavendish, with a distinct chocolate flavor.  Mild and sweet. 

Virginie (Virginia)

Pur ribbon cut Viriginia,  ideal for mixtures, lemon flavour. 


Golden brown Cavendish with a little peach flavored black Cavendish.  Mild. 

Vanille et Érable (Vanilla-Maple)

A superb blend of golden brown Cavendish and sweet Burley.  Mild and aromatic, slightly sweet.  This blend gives out a crowd pleasing aroma. 

Wild Geese

A mild large cut blend, black Cavendish and Virginia 

Golden Delight

 broken Virginia flake, Burley and black Cavendish. A mild and smooth smoke with  a natural hint of  caramel and butterscotch. 

Private Club

Mild black Cavendish based tobacco. Made with exotic Virginias from Brazil and Zimbabwe. Natural notes of vanilla. 


 Dark and blond Virginias, Kentucky burley and Perique. A mild blend with floral aromas. 

Virginia Cavendish

 Mild and lightly aromatic blend. A mixture of blond Virginia and brown Cavendish.





Natural Tobaccos

Anglais léger (Mild English)

Our mildest English mixture.  Pure Virginia with a little Latakia and Louisiana Perique.  The beginners choice for the adventure of smoking English type blends.  Mild and not aromatic. 


English blend rich in Latakia and Perique. A Mclelland’s bulk blend made to resemble Dunhill Early morning. 


Robust English blend, rich in Latakia, Virginia and oriental tobaccos. Mclelland bulk tobacco , similar to the old Dunhill 965. 

Blatter Reserve

A blend of pure Virginia, Latakia and Perique.  The added Turkish tobaccos makes this mixture a favorite with the lovers of rich, “Balkan Sobranie” type tobaccos. 

Baker Street: Rich, English type tobacco. Virginia, Perique, Latakia. Similar to Dunhill 965. 

Cavendish hollandais (Dutch Cavendish)

Pure golden brown Cavendish. Mild, but also non aromatic.  Very pleasant to smoke, can also be used as a base for different mixtures. 


A perfect intoduction to English style pipe tobaccos. A mixture of Red Virginia,

Turkish, Burley, Latakia and Perique. Medium strength. 

Danish Slices:(tranches danoises) The flake Red, Lemon and Dark Virginia are blended together and then pressed. This naturally sweet flavour can develop a diverse complexity when smoked slowly. 


This black oriental tobacco is used in most English blends.  Rich and smooth


This tobacco is from Louisiana and is used like a spice for different mixtures.  Use in small quantities only.